First color tryout. I’m using Hard Light instead of Color for the layer mode, since it’s a dark setting with lots of shadow and the Color mode doesn’t do dark values very well.

Alas for me, I popped a vein in my eye by being gay and reckless and drawing for hours without breaks and not sleeping enough, so I’m gonna have to take a couple days off.

By the way, however I never played around with an Intuos Pro to compare how rough the surface area is compared to the Pen line, I do remember going through my Bamboo nibs pretty fast, I was on my fourth and last after 2 and a half years, and had only “worn in” a very small section in the middle of the surface, while the rest of the active area was still coarse (erm, excuse me, “textured”).

So as I prefer a smooth surface and don’t wanna risk scratching the surface with suddenly worn out nibs, and also am very broke from buying this thing and cannot afford to get a fancy properly-sized cover sheet, I slapped this pink plastic folder I had lying around on it and secured it with paper clips.

Even though the folder is a tad thicker than an usual cover sheet, it doesn’t affect pressure at all, and the pen slides real nice.

So, there’s a tip if you can’t get a cover sheet =)



i think we all know this one person…

my love, this is actually a sign of disordered eating and isn’t your friend trying to make you feel bad! actually this kind of constant self-defeating behavior is a sign your friend actually feels this way about herself and makes a point of saying it because she thinks everyone else looks at her like that as well - sort of like constantly making ugly faces in pictures so people don’t expect you to think you look beautiful, or how you might say “lol look at how gross my hair is right now” - if you make a joke of it, someone else isn’t going to point it out. since three out of four women show disordered eating, this isn’t just some joke!! it’s something you definitely need to be aware of. i know it’s a scary topic but please bear with me while i explain really quickly!

when someone says “i can’t believe how fat i am” they literally mean themselves. part of having this self-image is that you basically think everyone else looks excellent and deserves love but you yourself are a piece of shit. your friend probably looks at you and thinks “i wish i had her hair and her body and her humor why am i like this.” when they eat something they consider “cheat food” - as if eating was some game instead of a nutritional requirement - they feel like they have to justify themselves by saying something like “look what a fatty i am.” particularly if the people they are eating with chose something like a salad. they look at the alternative meal and think “i should have had that much control what a waste i am.” remember all those times someone has commented on your empty plate like “wow! looks like you were hungry”? your friend has internalized every second of that. as for looking at herself in the mirror? 90% of women overestimate their size. She really does think she’s fat! body dsymorphia is a serious serious issue and your friend probably is consumed by the idea that her fat thighs make her look awful in jeans. how do i know this? because at the height of my e.d., i had a thigh gap like a canyon but i stopped wearing pants and switched completely to dresses because i thought they hid my ginormous thighs better. and just as a side note? you can have 27635467854 guys after you but they might all smell like sweat and only want you because they heard you bang like a fairy on acid. when someone with an e.d. says “i will never get a boyfriend” what they mean is “i can never let anyone in because they will discover im a fuckup” or “nobody will ever love me.” it’s very sad ):

i know !!! that this can be a really frustrating person to deal with !! and i’m not tryna diss your comic (i think the art is really pretty!!) !! but it does seem like maybe it’s coming from sort of an unfair place? like your friend was just somehow supposed to magically read your mind and know you were upset by her discussing her weight? maybe!! in the future!! just say “hey, it’s kind of worrying to me that you talk so much about being fat. is there anything bothering you?” communication is so much more effective than just slowly growing to resent someone who was your friend only based on her insecurities. i mean i know it’s annoying - i am pretty curvy and my friends are all ballerinas (some professionally) so if you think you’ve got one friend who complains about weight, let me tell you wow. so i know it’s relateable and stuff but speaking as someone in recovery, i’m kind of afraid that someone with these insecurities will see this and think “oh god my friends all hate me don’t they i am that one friend i’m so annoying” and use it to isolate themselves further? you feel?

if you or someone you know is showing signs of disordered eating please don’t wait until you or they are “skinny enough” for treatment please get help right away!!
for more info on eating disorders go here
to call or click for over the phone/online help, go here

i love you please stay safe!!!

My new tablet arrived! Showcased in the top photo by Tanso the dinosaur that sits on my desk.

However they’re both the Small model, It’s quite smaller than the previous line (the Bamboo Connect Pen on the bottom photo), and it’s called Intuos Creative Pen now, ‘cause everybody wanna have an Intuos, even if it’s actually not one. The active areas are exactly the same size though.

The “pen holder” (the label thingy on the top) and the little ring around the pen are blue outta the box, but the black pair I’m using comes spare, though I think I’m gonna use the holder from the broken Bamboo, which is chartreuse and thus cooler.

Nifty thing in this model is that it’s got 4 buttons to program, but considering I use 7 hotkeys on the keyboard for Photoshop I’m not sure how much of that I’ll be using. In the least, I’ll put Save in there so it’s easier to click every 5 minutes.

Onto test drive =P




woody allen, the irredeemable creep whose obvious misogyny was misinterpreted as creative genius by the college-boy mentality. 


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My tablet got KO’d so I’m drawing some traditional again and I’ve just being reintroduced to shit-oh-shit-my-back-hurts-so-bad-‘cause-I-can’t-stop-fucking-hunching-over-the-paper. Not to mention I never had a lightbox, so I can’t mirror it to catch fuck ups. What a primitive way to do things lemme tell ya.


Hi everyone! You might remember last year I released my Skillshare Character Concept Art class and that went down a storm, over 2000 of you signed up for it and it received 100% positive reviews. The support was overwhelming so thank you to everyone that took the class!

It was my intention to release the follow up on again, but the site has changed considerably in the time since my first class, and it’s not the most straight forward option this time. 
It’s 36 minutes long and gives you a pretty good general overview of my average colour process. I’ve tried my best to explain things as thoroughly as possible for any beginners watching, info on layer ordering, colour choices, layer modes etc. I’m sure most of you will understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, but I haven’t assumed that everyone will know by default. So explanations a-plenty! 
The full size PSD is included, with the B&W character from the previous class and the new colour version so you can toggle between the two. My brush pack is also included, which is available all the time regardless (you aren’t paying for it!) but I’ve included it in the pack as well for convenience.
The tutorial is $9 and available to download right now! The only real difference between my previous Skillshare class and this new tutorial - is just that there isn’t a written guide to accompany it, and that’s reflected in the price. 
I’m totally open to releasing more tutorials and there will be freebies along the way, so if you have any specific requests then fire away! I should probably say that the next tutorial I have in mind will be all about painting skin! I’ve talked about it as much I can in this video, but a more in-depth tutorial is certainly on the cards. 

You start listenin’ to Regina Spektor like hey what a fun upbeat song, and she just sings it so adorably, aaawn it’s so cute and… and, wait a minute, what am I singing about? is it… oh god. Oh dear god. Oh no, no, that’s uh… that’s not nice. Yeah, that’s fucked up. I’m a little bit scarred for life here gotta say.